Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Friday!

Why is it, after having your house picked up and kitchen free of dirty dishes all week, the night you decide to clean out the fridge (and in the process decide to wipe it down, which entails putting everything everywhere) someone stops by unexpectedly? My MIL stopped in on the way back home from her appointment. Of course, the kitchen looked like a disaster zone. Figures!

On a positive note, she’s not too picky like that…I’ve seen her house at its worst too. Another bonus ladies was that my bathroom was spotless! So keeping the guest bathroom clean all the time (which is always my goal) pays off!

On another positive note, Obie did fine at his doc appt. He has an early cataract in his left eye…which we suspected. He has problems seeing far away…we knew something was wrong, but we had been told before he was fine. So part of us doubted anything was wrong with his eyes and figured he just wasn’t paying attention. I have a saying (please forgive me if you are blonde and reading this, some of my best friends are blonde!) “He’s worse than a blonde, he’s a cream!” Obie has been vindicated! I’m upset about the cataract, but she said it is early and his other eye is fine. Heck, I’ll carry him around in a papoose all day or get him a custom helmet so he won’t bump into things, I don’t care!

Last but not least, today is doc appt day. So we will see about the boob issue. Also, have to get my other parts checked today too. Blech. I hate that. With technology nowadays, they can’t figure out an alternative to a speculum? I just pray I don’t have to fart the whole time! Ok, TMI, but you ladies know what I’m talking about!

Happy Friday! We get step-guppy this weekend and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. So we are going to rent a game, play some board games, etc.

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Rona's Home Page said...

Glad to hear Obie has a clean bill of health. Wish you the best with the 'boob'.
Kudos for cleaning your fridge. I've been so busy that I haven't had that time.
You've given me an idea though. Our 16 year old son has some long arms so he now has a chore today.
Have a terrific week.