Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Daily List

I love making lists and things…my problem is following them! So I came up with a List that is basically what I am going to strive to do every single day. Yep, even weekends.

Daily Routine—Morning

1. Wake up, get out of bed!
2. Make DH’s lunch, make sure he has it.
3. Shower/dry hair.
4. Get dressed.
5. Walk Ober (our dog).
6. Take out dinner to thaw if nec., start it in the crockpot if nec.
7. Make breakfast—stick to diet!!
8. Do dishes/clean out sink (shine)/Run dishwasher if full.
9. Wipe down counters.
10. Pick up/Febreeze living room.
11. Shine guest bath sink.
12. Brush teeth/Shine sink.
13. Make bed.
14. Pick up clothes.

Daily Routine—Evening

1. Make dinner.
2. Do dishes/run dishwasher if nec./shine sink.
3. Wipe down counters.
4. Open/dispose of mail.
5. Pick up living room.
6. Clean face/brush teeth.

Honestly, the house just feels cleaner when I follow this. I can have someone come to the door and I can stand there and leave the door open if I want. Rather than scooting out the door and closing it behind me as I say hi.

Do I follow this all the time. Honestly, no. Part of my rehabilitation is that I want to follow it! Especially with the craziness of the wedding, things have fallen by the wayside. I started back on it though! I'm planning on a good clean this weekend too.

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