Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Weekly To Do List--Part 1

Here is My Weekly To Do List.

I have started trying to be more organized!  :-)  One thing I did was go to Money Saving Mom and download some of her awesome forms.  One in particular caught my eye--her Weekly Cleaning List.  I changed it up a bit and added everything I do on a daily basis plus chores of the day and what's for dinner.  I print it out every week and hang it on the fridge.  It's a nice reminder of what needs to be done and what I am going to make for dinner.

You can click the link above and look at my list.  It's just an example--I add/rearrange as I need to!

My daily chores include:

Before Breakfast:
-Make the Bed.
-Walk the Dogs.

After Breakfast:
-Shower & Dress
-Thaw Dinner
-Unload & Load Dishwasher
-Start Laundry if on Daily List

After Lunch:
-Take Dogs Out
-Pick up Living/Dining Room

Before Dinner:
-Walk dogs/Exercise 30 minutes if not done
-While Dinner is Cooking:  Daily Chore

After Dinner:
-Clean Up Dishes/Load Dishwasher/Run
-Finish Daily Chore
-Laundry:  Fold & Put Away

Next is what I do for "chores of the day".

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